5 Myths About Smart Women

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First, I would like to explain that there is not an exact definition on who is smart. There are different types of intelligence and if we lack skills in one field we compensate them with abilities in other.

smart women

In my opinion, a smart woman is the one who can take responsibility for her actions, who can prioritize her tasks and goals and maintains healthy levels of self-criticism. The smart woman is educated and informed on diverse topics, she can communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds and cultures, she can put herself in the other person’s place; therefore she is able to accept or disprove the opinions of the others.

Such women stand out of the crowd, they attract interest but sometimes, very often, they’re also misunderstood.

Here are five very common misconceptions about them.

  1. Smart women care only about their careers.

Indeed, many smart women are success driven. Intelligent people are usually ambitious and they focus on their personal and professional development a lot. Professional success is usually just a side effect of their abilities, knowledge and ambition, but it doesn’t have to be always a priority. Smart women can focus on different priorities throughout their lives; because they know (or have a very good idea) of what will make them happy, and even if they turn out to be on a wrong path, they can change their focus quickly.

  1. Smart women are bossy.

Some smart women are bossy indeed, but I don’t think that there is some correlation between those two qualities. Actually, the smart woman is much more likely to give wings to her loved ones. The smart woman would let them make mistakes because she knows that one’s own experience is the best teacher.

  1. Smart women are not sexual.

Totally wrong!!! The truth is that smart people (male or female) have a more diverse ways to enjoy life. They enjoy jobs, travel, art, food and sex. Smart people don’t go to bed with the first person who comes around but when they chose a partner they are very sexual and open to experiment.

  1. Smart women don’t want to be mothers and housewives.

If a smart woman decides that it makes sense for her to be a mother and a housewife she will become one. Maybe this is not a very typical picture, because smart women wouldn’t chose to be financially dependent. And yet, many of them chose to spend more time at home because they know that they can earn significant income at every given moment. You will recognize the smart housewife because she never focuses only on one thing, she doesn’t waste her time, and she takes the initiative to learn new things every day. It’s obvious that she is not dependent from her husband and she can go back to work wherever she wants.

  1. Smart women stay alone.

This is one of the greatest myths! It is true that smart women prefer to be alone instead of being in a bad company, but this is not a reason to stay alone forever. Actually people who believe this myth think very low on men. Smart men date smart women and vice versa and they know where and how to meet them. And if for a while there is not a compatible partner on the horizon, it doesn’t mean that the world is going to end.

Sometimes smart women focus exclusively on their careers, but it doesn’t mean that things won’t change at some point and they are not doomed to be alone. They know that the stereotypes of a “eligible” man are bullshit – full of clichés and misconceptions about what a masculinity is. They also know that if their job is so important and worthy of their constant attention, the best men for them are caring, patient and willing to be in charge of the home and the kids. And if after all they chose to be with someone like them and they both prefer work to kids, they will consciously chose childfree lifestyle and it won’t be a big deal. Smart people are able to make such important decisions.

The truth is that we can’t have it all and this is part of the beauty of life.

Smart women know it.

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