How Much Positive Thinking Is Enough?

2 minute read

60%  of the time! That’s all! You can stop reading now. Go ahead with your life and try to think positively 60% of the time.

positive thinking happy-flowers

Now, seriously. So far I have run into way too many people who claim that the most important path towards happiness and fulfillment is chasing away all the negative thoughts, as if they were crows in your garden.

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What I Learned On My Death Bed (part 1)

4 minute read

What is most valuable in life?  We will probably never know before it is too late, maybe some of us do… and sometimes we get a second chance.


The following article is about the thoughts which haunted a friend of mine when the doctors thought she wouldn’t survive her serious illness a few years ago. Yet, fortunately, she survived and now she knows a little more about herself than we would ever know about ourselves. Continue reading →

When Is It Actually a Good Thing to Lose All Your Hope?

5 minute read

I often get the impression that there are things not worth fighting for. It could be a dead-end job, a relationship, craving for the attention of people who just don’t bring value to your life. But can one just let it go!?

losing hope

Blogs (not unlike this one) advise you to fight for your dreams, but at the same time, one can be objective and reevaluate one’s dreams carefully. Are they really the best for the person in question? Continue reading →

5 Ways To Increase Your Creativity

2 minute read

In my therapy practice, I often meet people who have so much creative potential and desire to develop it, nevertheless, the everyday life and work doesn’t permit them. I call them artists without a craft.


Just as rebels without a cause, theses artists feel the desire to create, but usually don’t know where to start. But being creative doesn’t mean that you are a genius in some artistic field. Continue reading →

The Art Of Building Boundaries

3 minute read

I am not sure if there are many skills in interpersonal communication as important as the art of establishing your own physical and mental territory – probably there aren’t. Establishing boundaries is a fundamental part of the development of every healthy relationship in your life.


But what exactly is “establishing boundaries” and why do I call it art?

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