“Being Good In Bed” – What Does It Even Mean?!?

6 min read

My male friends and counseling clients often ask me what women want during sex. Well, telling just one thing is like claiming that there is one sexual position that is simply the best. It’s not that simple!


But then again, some men are just better lovers. What makes them good? Well, here are a few points that could shine light on this topic:
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Why Are We More Successful When We Are Not Perfect?

 3 minute read

Let’s face the truth: there are no perfect people, and even if there were any, we would hate their guts. Do you feel irritated when someone constantly tries to seem perfect?

being perfect

Perfectionism related to appearance, knowledge, abilities, etc. is often off-putting. Nevertheless, envy is not the reason why we find it alienating. Continue reading →

The Comfort Zone: Is It Really Better the Devil You Know Tan the Devil You Don´t?

 3 min read

The popular saying implies that it is better to deal with someone or something familiar than to deal with what you do not know because it might be worse.


I understand that there’s always an element of risk when one tries new experiences, but to me, the saying sounds more like an invitation. An invitation to stay in the (in)famous comfort zone.
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How Much Positive Thinking Is Enough?

7 minute read

60%  of the time! That’s all! You can stop reading now. Go ahead with your life and try to think positively 60% of the time.

positive thinking happy-flowers

Now, seriously. So far I have run into way too many people who claim that the most important path toward happiness and fulfillment is casting out negative thoughts as if they were a flock of crows in your garden.

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What I Learned On My Death Bed (part 1)

4 minute read

What is most valuable in life?  We will probably never know before it is too late, maybe some of us do… and sometimes we get a second chance.


The following article is about the thoughts which haunted a friend of mine when the doctors thought she wouldn’t survive her serious illness a few years ago. Yet, fortunately, she survived and now she knows a little more about herself than we would ever know about ourselves. Continue reading →

When Is It Actually a Good Thing to Lose All Your Hope?

5 minute read

I often get the impression that there are things not worth fighting for. It could be a dead-end job, a relationship, craving for the attention of people who just don’t bring value to your life. But can one just let it go!?

losing hope

Blogs (not unlike this one) advise you to fight for your dreams, but at the same time, one can be objective and reevaluate one’s dreams carefully. Are they really the best for the person in question? Continue reading →