3 More Lessons for Overcoming the Break Up-S

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If the first five worked just partially, and you still cry often for your ex. If your stomach still shrinks when you think about him/her and you think about purchasing a boxing bag with his/her face on it, you probably already know that your feelings haven’t disappeared. And yet, you broke up months ago and it is high time for you to move on.


Here is the ultimate break-up blaster with 3 more 3 more lessons for overcoming the break-up:

  1. Maximize your social interactions.

You can’t reject your social life just because you are afraid that you will see him/her somewhere. The world is small and it is not rotating around you. The city can’t be separated on “your” and “his/her” territory. You will meet again – deal with it!

  1. Find a new hobby.

Which is the thing that you always wanted to try but you were too busy with your relationship and you just couldn’t commit? Do it now! The well known routine brings up painful memories about things you did together.

Continue making your history that doesn’t include him/her. Go to a new place, have fun with new acquaintances, create a new healthier routine.

  1. Start dating again.

You shouldn’t date someone just for the sake of it, but if there is someone you actually like you should give it a shot even if you don’t feel 100% prepared. In the popular culture, rebound relationships are known to be short unmeaningful and superficial but this is just a myth. The relationship is what it is and it is not necessarily defined by the previous one. For what you know this nice new person might be the love of your life.  There is not such rule that says that after a long relationship you can’t learn your lesson and start a new and better one.

No matter how long you wait, if you focus on your ex, the day when you will be ready to date again might never come. Research shows that people who start dating again shortly after a break up tend to overcome it sooner.

If you are not ready for Love, you might just flirt a bit. It is OK as long as you don’t deceive the other person. Just be honest.


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