Advantages to Having a Millennial Psychotherapist

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Psychotherapists, counselors, doctors and lawyers are professionals who you should be able to trust most.

Their experience is crucial and you probably believe that they are like good wine – the older they get, the better.

You are right. You wouldn’t take a risk and pay a newbie to deal with the most vulnerable parts of your precious Self. Let me tell you a secret though…millennials make great mental health professionals.

Here are some reasons why:
1.  We don’t do it for the money.
When we went to grad school we already knew that there are hundreds of ways to help a person, to alleviate his/her mental suffering or to assist in the long process of personal change. The market is overflowing with possibilities and the chances to become wealthy after an expensive college (and post-university) education are very, very, very little.
There are thousands of better ways to get a decent salary with much less effort and investment. Most of us are devoted idealists. (The ones who are not are already employed in jobs obtaining stability and bigger opportunities for financial success.)

2.  We don’t usually spend money on expensive offices.
Unless someone has acquaintances in wealthy circles and targets patients who expect a certain environment; we would rather not spend money on fancy locations and bill you accordingly. You can find us on the ground floor of our grandmothers’ town houses, in quiet rooms in shared co-working spaces or even on the internet.

3.  You have no spare time? That is not a problem for us.
We know that time is scarce nowadays and the sole fact that you are committed to the therapy is enough for the process. You might not be able to find several hours every week to come see us and then go back to work or to the gym. We know how technology works and we are not afraid to use it! We know that it is an essential part of our life and we are willing to compromise and only see you in person once or twice a month.

4.  We are married to our jobs just like you.
We are flexible and accessible. We work weekends and after hours. It is not an issue for us to work 1pm-10pm some days and more often than not we respond to your after-hours messages.

5.  We are more experienced than you think.
Many of us have devoted every single moment to our vocation and we have had multiple internships in free clinics before we open our private practices. We’ve handled patients with severe problems and can handle your problems, too.

6.  We are not alone.
We have a team of experienced mentors behind us – supervisors and colleagues with whom we consult with on every crucial aspect of our cases. We may be idealists but we aren’t dumb. We know how business works and are well aware that it is more important than ever to generate a significant number of happy clients who will recommend us to our future patients.

7.  You have our undivided attention.
The first years of our private consulting practices are crucial. We don’t usually have the family problems that older professionals may have. Our sole goal is to help you get your shit together. If that means we need to spend the night reading scientific articles that might be helpful in solving your case, we won’t hesitate to do it.
Besides, during the first years we are usually not exactly overwhelmed with too many patients.

In conclusion, whatever you chose – the wisdom accumulated during decades of experience or the energy of youth and enthusiasm – it doesn’t really matter. If your therapist is a good fit for you and you feel an emotional connection with him/her, then you have picked the best person.

The rest is hard work and devotion – for both of you.

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First published in Kind Over Matter