How Much Positive Thinking Is Enough?

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60%  of the time! That’s all! You can stop reading now. Go ahead with your life and try to think positively 60% of the time.

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Now, seriously. So far I have run into way too many people who claim that the most important path towards happiness and fulfillment is chasing away all the negative thoughts, as if they were crows in your garden.

There are many methods of making you a more positive thinker and you can try them all, it won’t hurt, as long as you know where to stop insisting to be positive all the time.

Thinking only about negative events is not favorable for you. You become biased to notice only the horrible parts of the universe, obviously it is not healthy. Nevertheless, it is evolutionary sound and realistic to be more concerned with the possible harm that your actions could bring you. This is why it is not surprising that in a complex world full of choices where anything is possible… well… anything could possibly fail.

What positive thinkers fail to understand is that trying to maniacally ignore all negative thoughts is just as unproductive as getting overwhelmed with negative thoughts only. The universe is enormous, you are an insignificant part of it and most people are likely to ignore you or cause you at least a little pain most probably unwillingly, sadly, sometimes intentionally as well.

Take the risks into consideration and hope for the best result, if you can’t achieve it re-evaluate, give up and start again, face failure and learn your lesson, google “growth mindset”, make a smart next step. Don’t block the red flags and the negative possibilities and don’t let them scare you too much.

Usually, balance is the clue, and as soon as you realize it will be so much easier to go on with your life. And please don’t believe that someone has figured it all out, whoever claims to have perfect balance, he is selling you something. You will never achieve the perfect job, nor the perfect family. What is perfect life anyway? All you can do is to push yourself to do your best and obtain optimal results, and if you can’t, you can try to change something.

And last but not least… sometimes it is useful to save a little bit of backup positivity. It can help you register and cherish the happy feelings a little more than the sadness. And this is indeed good enough.

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