You Are Not What You Wear – You Are Much More And You Know It!

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In my article Why “Dress For The Job You Want” Is Actually a Damn Good Advice I emphasized on the importance of the clothing when you try to blend in a community or especially in a job profile. Even though cloths matter, my advice to you was to be yourself no matter what. But how can you do both? How can you change your style radically and feel comfortable with it?

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Sometimes it is tough because it is not in everyone’s nature to experiment with clothes. People who dress the same way for years often receive a great sense of personality when they put their favorite clothes on. If they really have to change it, they usually feel awkward and false.

If you are one of these people, it’s ok! Remember that nobody could force you to do something you hate, but you should be open to experiments from time to time and you definitely shouldn’t miss your dream job just because the required dress code is not synchronized to your unique style. There are three main reasons why you are not ready to experiment.

The clothes you wear are a message.

It is great that you have this important message that you want to say to the world, but unfortunately not everyone is ready to listen. Deal with it! You are not your message. You are yourself! If it is so important to you, you can define it and express it in a different way.

The clothes you wear give you a sense of community.

But you don’t want to be a part of one and only community, do you? We have different social roles and all of these roles can have its unique style. You can be a successful lawyer on Friday and a crazy adventurous hippie on Saturday. Don’t stick to one social circle, seek new things and enjoy them.

For you it is more important to like yourself, than to be liked by the others.

This is actually a very healthy attitude, please never change it! When it comes to style, this is also true. But who says that you can like yourself only in one single type of clothes? I am sure that at some point you have seen some beautiful outfits in a movie or in a magazine and you wished you could see yourself in such clothes even though they are totally not “your style”. There is no such thing as “not your style”! If you like it, it is your style! Be brave and try it on!

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