Online Consultations? Who Can Benefit From Them?

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In our active everyday life, many of the services we use are very well represented on the internet. There are lots of online shops, lessons, meetings, clubs, dating, magazines, bookstores, games, etc.

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Our jobs as well as our private life are often powered by the internet connection on our smart phones.

For better or for worse, we are all connected with the immense stream of digital information and all we can do now is take advantage of it. Psychotherapy isn’t excluded from this tendency. Many young specialists turn to the digital means of communication in order to give more options to their clients. I am one of these professionals.

This way of work allows our clients more flexibility with their graphics, it is more accessible and location independent. Contact with us is easier. And of course, we can offer lower rates thanks to the savings we make from not renting an expensive office in a fancy area of the city. Now you can receive psychotherapy from your comfortable home, office or even your favorite cafe.

There are plenty of new advantages, because the relationship client-consultant doesn’t have to be interrupted during work trips or family reunions (paradoxically, these are some of the most stressful situations for many of my clients).


 Who can benefit from online consultations?

  • Anyone who would like to improve crucial details of his/her life, such as communication with family members, abilities to get over loss and separation, strategies to cope with work issues and relationship problems, etc. ;
  • Anyone who travels a lot or moves frequently from one city/country to another for work or leisure;
  • Anyone who finds it difficult to dedicate more time for him/herself because of his/her busy schedule;
  • Anyone who wants to remain completely anonymous.

Who can’t benefit from them?

  • People with severe clinical psychological conditions;
  • People who believe that meetings that are not held in person, lack intimacy and are ineffective;
  • People who just hate technologies.


If you are interested in online consulting you can send me an e-mail or text me in Facebook and tell me a little more about the issue you would like to discuss. 

Of course, we can also meet in person in my office in Barcelona or in Sofia.