To be brave…


Recently I have been thinking a lot about what makes us brave. After publishing Carolina’s article about the comfort zone, I felt that I should share with you my thoughts and beliefs about courage.


It is difficult to define what makes you, me, or anyone brave. On the one hand, we are not born brave– the obstacles we run into don’t make us brave automatically; the lack of fear doesn’t make us brave. What makes us brave is our reaction to fear. And yet, what really makes us stare into the abyss?

Sometimes we just have to act, to do something which will redefine our existence, sometimes we should stay still. We need wisdom to be able to decide and we should face the trouble many times in order to gain it.

Sometimes, we just have to act; to do something which will redefine our existence. Other times, we should stay still. We need wisdom to be able to decide, and we gain it by repeatedly facing obstacles.
To me, bravery is this – simple actions that allow you to move forward. Bravery is:
•    Getting outside of the frame;
•    Acting, even if you know that the your closest people will probably judge you;
•    Taking care of the people you love without losing yourself;
•    Saying No, whenever it is necessary;
•    Getting to know yourself and your weaknesses better;
•    Permitting yourself to be successful;
•    Not letting envy lead you;
•    To acknowledge that you feel envy;
•    Loving the person who you are, but also being able to change if it is necessary;
•    Refusing to change just because you are supposed to;
•    Facing dilemmas;
•    Consciously letting someone you love choose for you sometimes;
•    Trusting someone;
•    Being misled;
•    Trusting again;
•    Acknowledging that no matter how much you seek, you still haven’t found yourself;
•    Finishing things;
•    Letting things go unfinished, giving up something unimportant;
… and many, many other things…
What does being brave mean to you?


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