Online Consultations? Who Can Benefit From Them?

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In our active everyday life, many of the services we use are very well represented on the internet. There are lots of online shops, lessons, meetings, clubs, dating, magazines, bookstores, games, etc.

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Our jobs as well as our private life are often powered by the internet connection on our smart phones.

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What Happens To Unloved Children and Why Is It So Damaging

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Needless to say, children should be loved and taken care of.

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Human being is helpless during infancy and the healthy development depends on healthy parenting. Nevertheless not every parent lives up to the social and evolutionary standard. One would argue that these things happen, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… etc., etc.

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An Alternative Method to Treat Addictions

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An article written by José Alberto Raymondi Ph.D.


When I read the article written by my colleague Dr. Raymondi, I knew that you have to share it with you. The fundamental question in every addiction is what part it takes in patient’s life.  You can look for the durable solution as soon as you find its answer.

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3 Reasons to Plan your Next Trip:

The Psychological Benefits of Travel

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The saying “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”, seems to be very popular these days. And frankly, I agree with it. Out of necessity or out of desire, we humans have always been travelers by nature.


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Have Brunch with a Psycho(analyst)

When Mila first told me she was planning something “crazy” for her counseling practice over a Skype call, I was intrigued. When she told me that idea was getting together with small groups for brunch and deep, meaningful conversation, I was 100% interested.

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After all, her idea combined two of my favorite things: psychology and eating at weird hours.

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A Proficiency Guide to Obtaining Thicker Skin When Your Friends and Family Don’t Support Your Ideas

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Sometimes our closest people tend to cut our wings. But there are many valid reasons for them to do it. Their beliefs, their fears, anxieties, lack of faith or too much preocupation could cause them to discourage you when you take up something new, brave and exciting.

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The rules of positive thinking require from us not to pay attention to what our friends and family say, especially when they are highly pessimistic. But is this really the best option for you?

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