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During the last few months I have met some really interesting people who take brave decisions.


I met some of them personally and some of them on internet, the important thing is that I try to be surrounded by impressive people who I admire. This is a part of my action plan for my personal growth and it is really exciting.

I believe that in order to grow, we should communicate more with the ones they look up to and use them as models. Of course I don’t mean losing our unique identity and being sucked in someone else’ world. But if we really want to achieve something we should try to know better the people who have already done it in order to share their experience and, of course, to enjoy the good company. There are a few great advantages of this strategy.

First of all, you get new ideas. For instance, I didn’t realize what the professional bloggers actually do, before I met people who make a living posting useful information in their webs. This helped me a lot in the process of creating my own page and now I know much better what to expect from it. In your career path (wherever it is heading to) you probably won’t discover the hot water, but getting together with people who have done it before will give you ideas of what you can do even better. Besides, brainstorming over a glass of wine is so much fun.

Look for mentors without losing your uniqueness!

Second, your current environment might be pulling you back. I don’t mean that you should neglect your old friendships, but your high school friends probably are not qualified to give you good advices, especially if you are doing something new and different. You probably work and live in different environments and if you still have fun together it is great, just don’t let yourself go along with the routine, try to be opened for new experiences, get out of your comfort zone.

And last but not least, entering in the environment, where you crave to be, is the only way to figure out if this is really what you want in life. For example, when I was younger I believed that working in a media is the only way to make a difference in the world, but after two internships and the opportunity to work side by side with my favorite publicist, it turned out that the reality didn’t live up to my expectations. The unhealthy environment in the media on a very personal level, the lack of teamwork, the drug abuse, and the doubtful mental health of otherwise brilliant colleagues of mine made me take a conscious decision that I don’t anymore want to be like them. Even the negative experiences while meeting the people whose lifestyle you desire to have are worth it. Without them your dreams and plans will be just illusions.

I will conclude this article with a cliché, it is very true though. You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Do it wisely, be around people who you admire, because if you are not impressed by the ones who are close to you, you are in a bad company.

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