5 Ways To Increase Your Creativity

2 minute read

In my therapy practice, I often meet people who have so much creative potential and desire to develop it, nevertheless, everyday life and work don’t permit them. I call them artists without a craft.


Just as rebels without a cause, these artists feel the desire to create but usually don’t know where to start. But being creative doesn’t mean that you are a genius in some artistic field. Continue reading →

The Art Of Building Boundaries

3-minute read

I am not sure if there are many skills in interpersonal communication as important as the art of establishing your own physical and mental territory – probably there aren’t. Establishing boundaries is a fundamental part of the development of every healthy relationship in your life.


But what exactly is “establishing boundaries” and why do I call it art?

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Happiness Is Not Just a Chapter in Your Biography

2 minute read

A year ago I interviewed several women for my Ph.D. dissertation. I asked them about their families, love, and happiness. One of them shared with me a story about her father. He was a wise and very positive person. Every time when he spoke with his daughters he always asked one simple question, which not many people dare to ask – “Are you happy, my dear?”

am I happy

Are you happy? Continue reading →

Unpopular Opinion: You Don’t Have to Forgive Just Yet

3 minute read

From inspirational quotes to thoroughly researched articles, it’s pretty common advice to tell people to forgive, let it go and move on. It’s a piece of well-intentioned advice, but honestly, it’s much easier said than done.

Vicente Romero 1

Forgiveness is a kind, humble act. It allows you to let go of resentment, anger and even vengeance. But it has to happen at the right time for each person; otherwise, it may even be counterproductive. Continue reading →

Tinder, instant gratification and why sex sucks

5 minute read

We live in the age of instant gratification. Commodities are purchased and delivered within hours with money we haven’t earned yet. This might be fine for the free market, but is it just as good for mental health?


Dating apps and websites sound like a good idea, as people get more social. They are able to meet their potential significant other or experience an exciting hookup outside of their everyday circles. But I think something went terribly wrong.

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